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Calling Plegian princesses liars and believing in them. Beatrice and Inessa respectively. Will probably do a character graphic quote next time.

what’s your anger type?  take the test here.

dry rage

You’re a primarily “dry anger” type of person. It takes you a while to reach your breaking point, but when you reach it, you’re done. No conflict, no arguments, you say your final words to whoever’s made you enraged and then you move on- done. No tears or belly tight with the need to scorn, you walk free of your conflict, pushing it far into the past in the blink of an eye. That’s not to say you’ll forget, though…

lol red we’re the same.

I’m sure there are more tears involved in mind but it’s true that my breaking point’s a high up. 


Dropped Ptolemy and Rikon. Anyone who has anything to do with the Knights of Cydonia. I don’t care anymore. It’s too infuriating to have to constantly deal with someone so unhelpful on something so easy and being on the receiving end of unpleasant thoughts.

Technically, I should be dropping Kamille too. I love Kamille and the threads he is in, but if I’m feeling particularly spiteful, I will indulge to it. I have nothing to lose that’s for sure. I’ll sleep on it for a few days and see if my kindness resurfaces. 

I don’t usually get a writer’s block on rping. When I do, it’s on a solo thread.

I’m sure some people find it easy to just ramble away but I want each word to count. Which is probably what’s wrong with me. I should just write away and edit it later, not beta while typing.

Not exactly the right time right now to sit down and think hard on this but I will! I want Rikon to catch up to the second part of his journey at least.

So Kamille and Ptolemy seemed to parallel each other. A born nobleman who acts like a common soldier, and a born servant who acts like he’s of high birth. Kamille can be Kamille even if you strip the part where he’s a noble. He is the man who he is today out of his choices, not background. Ptolemy, on the other hand, cares a lot of his image and has outfitted himself like a noble, acting like some honourable knight.

Good, good.

The Elric Family Photo.


I don’t think I have a particular main in KoC. Back in PRE, I had a main, Shamees, with Wallace just a hair behind. But in KoC, I don’t really have a character who I’m…intent on advancing. All of them are there to add story and explore the plot. There are minor characters: Tres, Ptolemy, Aguilar. Even Ibarra who holds a member-made canon position is a bit on the minor character side. Shamees and Kamille are more of supporting characters who would aid the Knights of Cydonia eventually. Sakalam and Rikon both have major roles - I have their development plotted out in my head already. But I don’t count either of them as mains. 

The closest main I have is Brendan. Although he seems like a minor character who’s just there, he’ll eventually develop to something bigger. 

No matter though, I really love all my characters equally. Ibarra requires me to think outside the box. Sakalam needs some presence so I have to write her well. Shamees - the version of Shamees who has gone past his fatalistic flaw - is insanely fun and easy but Kamille too is a favourite of mine (probably because I’ve put a ton of Wang Ben / Ou Hon in him.) 

Ptolemy is probably the least prominent. I made him because the Knights were lacking a knight class. But I do like the background I gave him. He has the most honest-to-reality personality. 

So Shiv and I started comparing Kamille to a wall, which makes beautiful sense, especially since Zheng is Kamille’s FC.

Kamille’s walls were definitely like that of the Great Wall of China.

Describing characters in one word

1. Kamille - Asshole

2. Ibarra - Weirdo

3. Tres - Funny

4. Brendan - Protagonist

5. Shamees - …Shamees

6. Rikon - Tragic

7. Aguilar - Husband

8. Sakalam - Villainous

9. Ptolemy - Knight

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